What is a QA Site?

QA Site is a testing dashboard

that enables you to see at a glance your testing progress and project status

You QA Site dashboard is a home page that summarizes your QA efforts and provides links to your testing, development, and project management tools.

See project status, test execution results, defects, builds, and other notifications all in one place.

QA Site is a collection of software tools

that you use to improve quality and release with greater confidence.

Choose the tools you want to use, commercial and open source, working together. No vendor lock-in. You don't have to change your existing infrastructure or processes.

Your QA Site can include:

QA Site is a hosted platform

that you don't have to setup or maintain.

Deploy your QA Site on your favorite cloud platform or within your own network. No setup or infrastructure costs. No in-house expertise or maintenance required.

We will set it up and work to integrate your existing tools to build a custom dashboard & reports that fit your needs.

Training and support are available, and the system is maintained for you.

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